About John Caboto Academy Elementary

Académie John Caboto Academy is a Bilingual school of the English Montreal School Board. In partnership, our parents and educators are primarily concerned with the instruction and development of the whole person by stressing academic excellence, discipline and mutual respect.
What programs does John Caboto Academy offer?
John Caboto Academy offers the Bilingual Program recognized by the EMSB. All students receive half of their instruction in English and half in French.

Programs at John Caboto Academy

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The Bilingual Program offers 50% of English instruction and 50% of French instruction.
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Elementary Education Program
General information on the Elementary Education Program
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Preschool (Kdg) Education
General Information about the Kindergarten Education Programs
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How can I get my child evaluated for support services?

In order to have the special education needs of a child met, there is an evaluation and referral process. This process depends on whether the child is being newly registered with the EMSB or if they are currently attending an EMSB school. Children can be evaluated for possible learning disabilities, social maladjustments or handicaps.