Children with Intellectual or Physical Disabilities or Severe Social or Emotional Difficulties

A student may be exempt from compulsory French language instruction because they have been identified as having specific learning disabilities and/or severe emotional/social problems and/or intellectual physical sensorial handicaps. 

Due to the complex nature of this request, please visit the Law 101 office located at the EMSB Administration Building to complete an application form.  After the parent applies for the exemption (Form K) at the Law 101 office, the Student Services Department will process the request.


  • Psychological evaluation of your child and all pertinent reports.
  • Report cards from the last two years of school
  • Individualized Education Plan (IEP) from the child's school.
  • The child's long form birth certificate, showing both parents' names.
    • If the child was born outside of Canada, provide the child's Canadian Citizenship document, or Citizenship card or Permanent Resident card or proof of refugee status.