About Parkdale Elementary

Parkdale School aims to provide a safe environment, which encourages learning, inclusiveness, caring and respect for all in partnership. Parkdale School recognizes individual and collective successes and fosters pride and loyalty for each other, our school and our community.
What programs does Parkdale School offer?

Within the Elementary Education Program, there are 14 programs (courses) of study organized into the following six subject areas:

  • Languages
  • Mathematics
  • Science and Technology
  • Arts Education
  • Personal Development
  • Social Sciences
What is Success for All?

Success for All is a whole-school reform strategy that features research-proven tools, cooperative learning to engage students and collaborative leadership for continuous improvement.

The Success for All elementary model includes comprehensive programs for kindergarten and preschool children that promote, develop, and enhance language and literacy skills, mathematical, scientific, listening, and social skills, creative expression, and positive self-esteem. Each program provides young children with an experiential and child-centered curriculum that gives them the necessary foundation for success in elementary school. A balance between child-initiated activities and teacher-directed instruction helps to ensure the development of all areas of growth and development, particularly language and literacy.