About Leonardo da Vinci Academy Elementary

The mission of Leonardo da Vinci Academy is to provide students with diverse education in a supportive, caring, and inclusive environment that fosters self-esteem, life-long learning, and personal fulfillment.

Leonardo da Vinci Academy’s mission is to enhance learning through the use of technology, science and music. It will facilitate our students’ integration into society and prepare them to become responsible citizens.

We recognize that every student is unique and has different learning styles and needs. As a result, over the next few years, we will strive to provide support, encouragement and positive reinforcement in order to help them achieve success. The ultimate goal at LDVA is to create a positive and safe environment where students are motivated and happy, and are prepared to deal with an ever changing world.

Why should I pick a bilingual program for my child’s elementary education?

There are many benefits to introducing a child to multiple languages at a young age. Firstly, they are able to master the language much better than learning a second language later.

There is Increased cognitive development and children that learn a second language perform better in tasks that call for creative thinking and problem solving. They are mastering the fundamental reading and writing skills of both languages at the same time. An important and solid foundation in these skills is what makes learning easier as they grow!

In addition, students in a bilingual program also have an improved working memory and have an easier time transferring knowledge. 

Finally, We use same books that French schools use and our children are able to get into French high schools or Enriched French programs in high school. 

Why should I pick an academy for my child?

At Leonardo da Vinci Academy, students have mathematics every single day as opposed to every second day as in most bilingual schools. In addition, they receive 90 minutes per week of music. Our music program has percussion, wind, and brass instruments in addition to vocal training . The only one of its kind in the east end of Montreal!

We also offer a full science lab for students to actually perform experiments and labs and get excited about what they will learn in high school science specialties.  

We have an excellent robotics and technology program. With a full robotics lab, moveable iPad and laptop lab so students are at the cutting edge of learning! We also compete in the annual national  robotics competition and have won the top 3 medals each year! 

Finally, this academy believes in the benefits of being physically active to enhance the learning of the child and reduce his/her anxiety. As a Force 4 physically active school, our students move a minimum of 60 minutes per day apart from recess and lunch play! 

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